Utopia (juːˈtəʊpɪə) n - any real or imaginary society, place, state, etc, considered to be perfect or ideal

Utopian Living

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Welcome to Utopian Living ...

My name is Michele Cook ...
Jewelry Designer & Artist,
Life & Success Coach,
Motivational Speaker,
Certified Meditation Teacher, CHAKRADANCE™ Facilitator and Founder of Utopian Living!

Hello Beautiful Souls!!

In recent times, my husband (Dwayne) & I have been on quite the journey of self discovery ... one where our own mortality and what our 'future' looked like was explored ... 
Uncertainty about how we would get by in our Retirement led us to one of the most exciting decisions we've ever  made ... We bought a Bus!!

We called her 'Utopia' and the lengthy process of converting her from a City route bus to our dream home ... (all DIY) ... began.

That was November 2019.

Fast forward to March 2020 ... Covid-19 has changed life as we knew it ... 
(I am of the personal opinion that the World will be a much better place ... Patience, Kindness, Gratitude and Love will be much more widespread) ... in the meantime, we live as we need to ... for many of us apart from loved ones.

We both found ourselves in the Centrelink lines, along with so many others in Hospitality and Retail ... unsure of what our immediate futures held in store!!
We were fortunate enough to have supplies and could continue with our bus build.  The question came up ... WHY were we 'waiting' for retirement to live in our beautiful bus?  Of course financially, we're not quite ready to retire.  BUT ... we can live in our dream home ... Dwayne still has his job to go back to ... and I can do what I LOVE ... designing ... creating ...  I will have my beautiful jewelry, accessories and art available for purchase in-store at Utopian Living in Wauchope (my new store opening on Monday 28th September!)  and will be available soon here at Utopian Living Online ... all while living the 'Bus Life' dream ... living a much more sustainable lifestyle with the ability to change our 'view' at the turn of a key!

I'm so excited to be following my dreams again ...